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Doug Ryan

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Preparing, Closing, Retaining - The Lifecycle of Sustainable Homeownership

  • Doug Ryan, Prosperity Now,
  • Krysta Pate, Community Reinvestment Fund USA,
  • Dan Lynch, Affiliate Mortgagge Services formerly Habitat for Humanity Michigan Fund
  • Date:Tuesday, April 30
  • Time:1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Learning Level:Intermediate
  • Target Audience:Single Family Developers, Nonprofit Organizations, Lenders, Local Government Officials or Staff, Realtors

Practitioners and experts on homeownership will discuss best practices in each of the three stages of homeownership: preparing, closing and retaining. We’ll explore savings and counseling strategies for new buyers, and approaches to expanding and accessing starter homes and first mortgages. We’ll also explore the final stage – sustaining homeownership through new savings tools and good loan servicing.