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Valerie Hoffman

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How to Increase Communication and Collaboration Between DV and Homeless Programs in Your Community

  • Valerie Hoffman, MDHHS/Division of Victim Services,
  • Karen Porter, MDHHS/Division of Victim Services,
  • Vera Beech, Community Rebuilders,
  • Jen Baker, HopeShore Alliance-Alpena,
  • Tom Cottrell, YMCA Grand Rapids,
  • Rachel Farley, Underground Railroad, Inc
  • Date:Monday, April 29
  • Time:1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Learning Level:Intermediate
  • Target Audience:Homeless Service Providers, Nonprofit Organizations, Local Government Officials or Staff

The purpose of the workshop is to increase collaboration and communication between Domestic Violence Shelters and General Population Homeless Providers. Using a panel of homeless and domestic violence shelter providers; topics will include defining terms specific to each program, understanding program restrictions, discussing how our programs are more similar than different and exploring collaborative opportunities.