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Holly Madill

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Using “Design Thinking” and Collaboration to Transform Communities

  • Holly Madill, National Charrette Insitute,
  • Harmony Gmazel, MSU Extension
  • Date:Tuesday, April 30
  • Time:10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Learning Level:Intermediate
  • Target Audience:Multi-family Developers, Single Family Developers, Homeless Service Providers, Nonprofit Organizations, Local Government Officials or Staff

In this interactive, hands-on and case study-based session, learn how to apply the Charrette approach to break down barriers in complicated and heated community settings. This method uses collaborative design-thinking to activate the creative potential of all stakeholders by embedding them in the design process to co-create a transformative plan or policy. This unique public engagement approach is highly adaptable to many public situations involving large diverse groups and is suitable for all ages.