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Sonya Mays

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Growing Inclusive Neighborhoods: Building on Strength, Mixed Income Housing, and Removing Blight

  • Sonya Mays, Develop Detroit,
  • Michael Appel, Develop Detroit,
  • September Hargrove, JPMorgan Chase,
  • Steven Harris, Rebound Construction
  • Date:Wednesday, May 1
  • Time:9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Learning Level:Intermediate
  • Target Audience:Multi-family Developers, Single Family Developers, Nonprofit Organizations, Lenders, Local Government Officials or Staff, Realtors

Develop Detroit will describe its approach and progress in working with local stakeholders to energize several blocks of Detroit’s North End neighborhood. By preserving historic resources, acquiring apartment buildings at risk of gentrification, building new mixed income apartments, and initiating a homebuilding program of both rehabilitation and infill homes, Develop Detroit is preserving tenancies and affordability while bringing new residents and investment to this historically vibrant neighborhood, resulting in a model of inclusion and growth.